When looking for the best car scrap yards in Spain, the ideal is to go to those with an already established reputation. Such is the case of Desguaces El Malagueño. However, it may be worth explaining in more detail what characterizes this type of business.

What characterizes the best car scrap yards in Spain?

Although each place is different, there is a set of characteristics that are always found in the best car scrap yards in Spain. These are the following.

1. Age of scrapping

Receive personalized attention, listen and understand, respond to possible problems… These are the characteristics of scrapyards with sufficient experience. Desguaces el Malagueño has been offering its services since 1946.

2. The endorsement of the certifications

Scrapyards are highly regulated businesses for ecological and safety reasons. A good business, like Desguaces El Malagueño, complies with each item to its ultimate consequences. This is a clear sign of undeniable professionalism. In this sense, it has certifications such as the following:

  • CAT (authorized treatment center).
  • GRU (authorized waste manager).

3. Free removal and unloading of the vehicle

A fundamental part of the tasks of a good scrap yard is related to the appraisals of damaged cars and, where appropriate, the management of a possible cancellation. This must always be fast, cheap, fair and effective. Of course, the best scrap yards in Spain are not mere places to accumulate decommissioned cars. They must offer spare parts, scrap, scrap parts and claims assessment. All these services are offered by Desguaces el Malagueño.

In conclusion, it has already been possible to see what are the characteristics that are present in the best car scrap yards in Spain. Businesses such as Desguaces El Malagueño comply with everything that has been said in detail, so there is no longer an excuse when wondering where to find good services of this type.

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