Among the best car scrap yards in Spain we must highlight one located in Campo de Gibraltar, the region where it is the leader, Desguace El Malagueño.

It stands out among all the scrapyards in the south of the peninsula because the different services it offers are all of quality. So, for all those who live in this southern area of ​​Cádiz, whether they live or work in Gibraltar, if they ever need to find a scrapyard this is the most suitable. In the case of those who come from other geographical points such as Morocco or Argelia, this Cadiz establishment is also your place for any need. What services does it provide and why choose this business if you are looking for a scrapyard?

Scrapyard El Malagueño, quality assured in car scraps in Spain

Whatever the service that is needed, the maximum guarantee of quality is assured in this place. As a family business open since 1946, it has a long history that has allowed Desguace El Malagueño to be a benchmark in its sector thanks to the experience and work of the professionals it has. Clients who have also enjoyed any of its services have expressed great satisfaction in their evaluations, highlighting the good treatment of the staff. Yet another reason to choose this company.

All the services

In addition to being located in a fantastic place to meet the needs of different national or foreign clients, it has an extensive list of services. From the purchase of damaged vehicles, after their detailed valuation, to the acquisition of scrap metal, through the largest offer of scrap parts. You can find parts of all kinds, even for old cars.

Free pick-up and drop-off of vehicles

It also manages the collection and removal of the vehicle for free, easily, by mail or telephone.

There are many car scrapyards in Spain, but like El Malagueño few, thanks to its wide offer and always with guaranteed quality.

If you are interested in deregistering your vehicle, at the Malaga scraps we remove it and deregister it for free. Contact us

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