The data are blunt about it, the holidays They are one of the holiday periods when most accidents occur on the roads.

Because a large number of people travel to meet with their relatives, the roads are filled with vehicles. In fact, an estimated sixteen million Spaniards travelling during Christmas. In this sense, we advocate Scrapyard Malagueño prudent driving and remind you that it is time to put the car ready to avoid any possible incident circulating. In our services in Algeciras scrap yards and scrap yards in Marbella you can find a great deal of spares and parts for your car, Where quality through the leading manufacturers in the market.

Therefore, if your vehicle needs a tune and replace some parts that may have wear or deteriorate over time, you have at your disposal a large modern spare parts service.

Timely reviews

It is advisable that you check the status levels, with particular attention to the coolant. It may be time to replace it, even if you go elsewhere with significant climatic differences, since each climate requires a specific antifreeze.

Special mention tires; it is essential that you take notice of the tread patterns and, if the depth is below 1.6 mm, do not hesitate to change them.

Of course, properly inspect the condition of the brakes and steering, as well as the status of the lights, fog lights included. The wiper blades are elements that sometimes we overlook, being essential in times of frequent rainfall and snowfall.

To conclude, note that for your greater security, a good measure is to make some additional parts if going to face a long journey.

In scrapyard Malagueño are leaders in sales of spare parts.

Enjoy Christmas!

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