Nowadays, we use the vehicle’s lights, the warning triangles and the reflective vest when we come to an unexpected stop with the car, especially when it comes to a breakdown. In the future, the mandatory emergency light V16 will suffice for these purposes.

What are car mandatory emergency lights V16?
The V16 car emergency light is a flashing yellow light that is visible from a kilometer away at night, much more useful than safety triangles and, of course, safer. Some models even offer a white light flashlight function so you can see in the dark. This is ideal for checking the engine or changing a wheel, for example.

How do they work?
They are designed to signal a dangerous area. It has an autonomy of five hours and to place it it is not necessary to get out of the car, since they are placed on top of the roof. There is no risk of falling, since the magnetic base will stick to the bodywork. At that time, the mandatory emergency light will begin to shine and flash.

We will have to be careful, yes, when purchasing them, because the DGT will only accept approved models that also have a geo-positioning system to locate our car and a communicator.

When does the mandatory emergency light come into force?
There is still time to get these types of mandatory emergency lights. On January 1, 2026, all cars must have this beacon, which will be inside the car and in a place that can be easily accessed. These rules are contained in the Royal Decree on Roadside Assistance, which came into force in 2021.

The mandatory emergency light V16 is ready. It is possible to have it and use it from today, but it will be necessary from 2026. You don’t play with security.

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