When an important part of a car fails, doubts always arise as to whether it is better to change it for a new one or for one from a scrap yard. Really, the price of a scrapping gearbox can achieve significant savings and offer very good results in the medium and long term.

New or scrap gearbox?

Broadly speaking, the price of a scrapped part ranges from 20% to 80% less than that of the same new part. Scrapping gearboxes are no exception, so it is undoubtedly an option to consider if you want to cut costs. In addition, thanks to the recycling of these parts, it contributes to reducing energy consumption and reduces the production of waste.

So is a repair better?

This is another of the questions that many drivers ask themselves when they encounter an accident of this type. According to figures offered by the RACE, the repair of a gearbox ranges between 4,580 euros if it is manual. It can go up to 7,680 if the box is automatic.

The replacement in certain workshops of a deteriorated gearbox with a second-hand one considerably reduces the cost, which would be between approximately 400 and 1,700 euros. All this depends on the make, model and type of vehicle.

Scrap gearboxes are a good choice

It is important to highlight that there is a regulatory regulation that affects these parts, which is why they offer a full guarantee to the consumer. In the case of second-hand goods, this guarantee is usually one year. As can be seen, the price of a dismantled gearbox is not the only incentive to go to these centers in search of spare parts, although it is a very important factor.

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