With a view to boosting the automotive sector, the government of Spain has recently approved a series of measures that seek to encourage sales of newly manufactured cars. Thus, aid to buy a new car in Cádiz ranges from 400 to 4,000 euros for private buyers, and not only promote alternative mechanical vehicles, such as electric or hybrid vehicles, but also combustion vehicles, as is the case of diesel or gasoline.

Objective: stimulate the renewal of the car park

The program launched responds to one of the great demands of the sector, among the hardest hit by the economic crisis caused by the pandemic. Sales have fallen dramatically in recent months, and this plan aims to stimulate the renovation of the car park, whose average age is set at 12.7 years.

When can these grants be applied for?

This plan will be active throughout this 2020 and has been endowed with 220 million euros. The objective is to promote the acquisition of more environmentally friendly and thermally efficient vehicles, as well as to stop the boom in the second-hand market.

What requirements must be fulfilled?

Freelancers, SMEs and large companies can also benefit from this program. Individuals can only buy one vehicle, and companies, up to 30. The main requirement is to send a car that is at least 7 to 10 years old to be scrapped.

Likewise, the ITV must be in force and the price of the new acquisition cannot exceed 35,000 euros. For cars adapted for people with reduced mobility it rises to 45,000. These must have an environmental label C, ECO or ZERO.

Other aid to buy a new car in Cádiz are those offered by the MOVES 2020 Plan, focused on encouraging the sale of electric and alternative vehicles and managed by the autonomous communities.

You can consult more information about the PIVE plan


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