The mandatory accessories in the car are due to the need to guarantee not only the safety of those who drive and their passengers, but also that of other road users.

List of accessories and spare parts required in the car

Most of these elements have to do with the need to correctly signal an eventual accident. This is to minimize the damage that has occurred through good visibility of the damaged vehicle.

In this sense, you must bring two signaling triangles and a reflective vest (it is worth it, to avoid dangers, that it is not stored in the trunk).

As it cannot be otherwise, all this material must be approved by the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT).

Likewise, among the mandatory spare parts for the car, the spare wheel (obviously, in optimal conditions of use) and the appropriate tool pack to proceed with the assembly and disassembly of the tires cannot be missing.

Chains are mandatory in the event of heavy snowfall.

Although they are not accessories, it is essential to carry the following documents in the car: driver’s license, driver’s license, vehicle data sheet and sticker on the upper right side of the windshield that certifies that the Vehicle Technical Inspection review has been passed (ITV).

If you drive a car with a maximum authorized mass (MMA) of more than 3500 kg or a vehicle for goods, mixed or public transport, you must also have an extinguisher.

What if these mandatory accessories are missing from the car?

In the case of vests, triangles and the spare wheel, the fines will amount to 200 euros (three points of the card also for the first ones).

Recommended accessories

Although they are not mandatory, it is advisable to carry fuses, flashlight, first aid kit, adhesive tape, mobile phone, water, glass cleaner, tool box, etc.

In short, the mandatory accessories in the car provide the required security.

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If you need more specific information about this obligation, you can visit the official website of the DGT

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